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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Days passed as usual but with some not so usual events.


These few days had been quite a kick for me.

Its my second week in Coffee Bean and I'm experiencing lots of valuable life experience.

Now, I'm not only familiar in making the usual signature ice blended, but, proudly to say, I can make almost ALL the hot beverages as well!

Cappuccino, Lattes, Hot Chocolate, Americano etc. You name it. :)

Am I considered a qualified barista now? ^^

It was quite tough at the beginning, with all the ingredients and "formulas" to memorize, and not to mention handling the coffee machine. There pretty much of a heat on that thing! My hand have been hurt loads of times by the high temperature and boiling water. Ouchh~

I bet I'll have steel hands by the time I quit. Haha

Other than that, of course, you get to see colours of people's faces. Especially - your boss.

There's this pregnant Malay supervisor which I "fear" the most. Well not only me, but practically everyone in our outlet!

She's soooo strict!

Her arrival no doubt creates a very stress atmosphere. And you know, the more we're stressed up, more wasted beverages (more mistakes duh)

She would be standing behind us, observing every technique.

You can imagine how nervous you get knowing that someone is observing you from behind right? Well, that's OUR situation.


Ironically, I managed to have a chat or two during spare moments in front of the counter yesterday.

And what I found out was she used to study Culinary Management in UiTM Shah Alam. She told me that she once had a very very strict professor who had high expectations from them (her class)...


No wonder..

She was actually following in her mentor's footstep ain't she?

What kind of teacher brings up what kind of student what right?!

And from there, I felt so much more relieved.

She's just doing her job anyway.

Next time when she observed, I'll just tell myself: "chillax, no worries =) "


Besides, I've been following my mum to the Buddhist Center these days (as I've promised since Matrix)

Today, I went there myself.

And great,

It rained!

I mean, I'm certainly delighted for the rain as the weather was extremely awful pass few days, but, why, why when I'm SICK?!

Yes, I'm sick (because of stress, weather blaa)!

And I gotta pop by Guardian for an umbrella. (the bright side is, my umbrella colour is red, which I think it's super hawtt LOL)

Bearing the cold weather (and the wet shoes), I took public transport all the way from Pyramid to PWTC.


It was my second visit, I came to see the master.

Enquired some questions from him, and he gave me some very very VERY motivating answers.

Surprisingly, I feel very serene coming to this Buddhist Center, though its small and not eye-capturing, but, I have a strong sense familiarity and belonging to it.

I managed to easily meditate in front of Buddha statue for quite sometime. Its quiet, the people are nice, the Master is great, what can I say, I've found HOME :)

The time to come, I may devote myself into the teaching of Dharma.

Being a fellow disciple of the Buddha Teaching.

Have a nice day people. :)
Sun breeze
Monday, May 2, 2011

After three loooong days of work/standing for long hours, I finally get a day off for today (and also tomorrow)

It nearly wanted my life, seriously.

Came home around 11.30pm everyday. Slept at 1 ~ 2am. Dead tired.


So, since everyone in the family had their day off (thanks to Labour Day's replacement), the parents and I planned to go to Kechara Buddhist Centre to make a small donation and to have lunch together.

It's been long we have our family day out, with everyone busy with their life.

Plus, the weather was behaving itself for a great vacay :D

It's good to put on your cute little floral skirt when there's great sun out there :)


It was my first time to Kechara Buddhist Center. That place was amazing (sadly no picture were allowed), it has a very conducive environment for chanting pray. Not to mention they have this huge art gallery around the block too.

I'm thinking of doing some social work this hols. They offer wide varieties like offering food to the poors, recycling every 2nd Sun of the week, but, something else caught my eyes - volunteer to take care of the shelter pets. :)

But, it'll take me some time to adjust with the hectic schedule on my hands right now (work + driving lessons - big headache)

Well, let's just see how things turn out.


Went around the corner lot, but eventually no vege stall seem appetizing, so we went to ss2's famous Nanking Vegetarian Restaurant for lunch.

Pleasing dishes.

Steam groundnut and crackers for appetizers.

Thai tofu, Curry soy ''mutton'', and Soup based Yin Choi.

Just nice for the three :)

North African Tea.


If there is anything to accomplish this 2011, go to youtube, and see the slaughterfarm on how animals are being killed is definitely in the must-do-list.

Lessen your karma. Do more good deeds.

You know what I mean- Let's go vegetarian!


Hamburgers are so outdated already.


100% Vegetarian
Friday, April 29, 2011

March 11th, my mum and I did a lifetime commitment - to become a vegetarian.

There were so many reasons why we did so. Mainly religious/spiritual purposes and also to safe the environment and to not harm/slaughter our lovely friends, the animals.

Human being are not superior to any other organism, we are all equal, just because animals could not express their inner feeling through human languages, this doesn't mean that they do not feel the pain and do not have fear when killed.

It's very hypocrite when you say you love animals or your pet how much much and still have McD for lunch.


Anyway, I'll tell you more details about the benefits of being vegetarian later on. Not today perhaps.


Since i'm at home now, preparing a meal (with refrigerator and a stove) is wayy convenient than being in the hostel. I can do whatever meal i want, and no need to worry whether the food contains anchovies (ikan bilis), fish slices, and chicken stock.

I've been mis-eating them in college for long T.T And I felt ultimate guilty about that.


I've been experimenting lots of delicious vegetarian meal! So that when I meetup with the bffs, i get to show off my skills! xD

There you are, an easy and yummylicious meal,

The balanced colourful complete dish.

I really dunno what to name it. You guys just name anything you want la haha.


Shredded carrot

Raw lettuce ( washed and drained)

Baby sweetcorn


Tempeh (Malay fermented soya)

Organic seaweed tofu

Extra virgin olive oil (optional)




(1) Pan-fry (without using any oil, use little water only, so that it won't stick on to your pan) the tofu and tempeh together. Add a pinch of salt and pepper for flavour.

(2) You gotta steam your pumpkin too.

(3) When the tofu and tempeh is almost cook, add the chopped baby sweetcorn to cook as well.

(4) While waiting, shred the carrots and place them a side.

(5) Drain the raw lettuce and pluck them into a smaller size, put them in a pretty bowl as the base of your dish.

(6) Now, all your ingredients are prepared. Just let your creativity wander and arrange them in your bowl the way you like :)

(7) When you are done arranging, drizzle one teaspoon of olive oil.



I came up with this dish because I was thinking of a dish which is balance and complete. Because hor, i really very lazy to cook other things seperately. So why not just throw everything together to make it simple?! :D



You have your complex carbohydrate - pumpkin and sweetcorn. Protein - tempeh and tofu. And lots of fiber - lettuce, carrot and sweetcorn.

Something extra - Chia seeds with honey water.

My mum found this Chia seeds recommended by her colleagues. It is rich in Omega-3 and 6. Great alternative if you cannot take cod-liver oil (non-vege)

Burrrp! Satisfying and healthy.

No animal harmed. We're blessed to have such a wonderful meal. :))


I should have blogged this yesterday, but was dead-tired from work. I came home at almost 12am.

Leg is like gonna patah (even running doesn't hurt that much).


I've mastered almost all Coffee Bean's ice-blended in merely 1 hour! :D

Want some?

Meet me at Coffee Bean Sunway Pyramid.

Trip to Kelantan
Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uploading so many pics wasn't in my plan for today's blogpost. As I was thinking - another short post.

Then when i hit my camera, wow, then only I noticed there's tonnes of pics I took in Kelantan. Boh bian lor, if I don't do the post now, it will soon be outdated, and somehow, I would probably neglect it, once and for all.

Scenery outside the airplane, it was raining. Lucky there wasn't any thunderstorm/lightning, so the airplane could still take off safely and on time.

Actually, I wasn't really willing for the interview in USM.

First, it's costly, though it wasn't my money, but it's still MONEY marr. Will heartache eh lor..

Second, Kelantan is toooo far and is almost "undeveloped" as Tangkak, so if you want me to study there for the next 5 years... You can kill me NOW.

Third, I just came back from Johor that week, tired and exhausted, all I wanted was a dead-sleep, NOT an adrenaline-rushing interview.

Now, why on-earth did I applied for it then?

It was parent's will (for gaining experience perhaps). END OF STORY FULLSTOP.

Still, we managed to lepak around the night market. :)

Exotic foods? nope. Fresh local fruits. YES. Tonnes of them ^^

Mango! My favourite local fruit, its tasty, cheap and easy to handle, I mean, cut.

I remembered before going to Matrics, mango was always my everday breakfast.

I would sliced em', add natural yoghurt, and sprinkle all kinds of nuts (pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds). yummms

Then, in Matrics, there's NO refrigerator. Which, thoroughly brought disaster to me. No fresh milk, no vege.... T.T

But I still managed to buy mangoes whenever I got a chance to go outing. So I could have them for breakfast! :D


Needless to say, I adore adore adore durians! Weeee~~

Those durians in Kelantan were fresh from the kebun too. Imagine, creamy durian flesh melting in your mouth.


The texture - similar to cheese hahaha

Old remedy. Pour water in the durian flesh and drink them. It helps to reduce the heatiness.

I saw Pieces! :)

Ciku - my current favourite.

Sadly, the ones in KL are a bit dusty. I prefer theirs.

Even the hotel offered complimentary fruits!

Wow, my Kelantan trip was all about fruits huh. :O

So did I missed anything else?

You wished.

THIS should be the main reason I flew few hundred miles to Kelantan.

USM Medic Faculty.

The interview was more like a chatting session to me.

I didn't even greet "good morning". Instead, I said "Nice to meet you guys" . Great, now the interviewer must be thinking: " not serious enough, how could she become a doctor."

That's my assumption la actually haha.

Who said we can't have a bubbly happy-go-lucky doctor like ME! :D

Its the heart that matters most.




My prince and princess are getting married tomorrow!!! ^^

Catherine Middleton and Prince William.

Aren't they lovely ^^

Remember to watch them LIVE on TV tomorrow! :D

You won't wanna miss the wedding of the decade.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Testing 1,2,3. Testing testing..

I've promised to update my bloggie since the day I was back from Johor.

This post is just an official announcement: MY BLOG IS ALIVE!

(Reminds me of the the dragon in Mulan - Mushu, when he was awake by the great ancestor)



I've been rather busy since I came home from Johor. Busy waaaadd??

Uhmm.. so paiseh, busy sleeping! :D I basically slept for 14 hours a day. Thanks to my oh-so-cozy room, it makes a good sleep anytime of the day :))

Other than that, of cus I went for job hunting too!

2 clinics as a nurse ( which basically won't want a part-time student), starbucks in Sunway Hospital ( which has a dumb dumb protocol saying that every employee is required to work for at least 6 months. -.-'' ) and at last, which will probably be my biggest chance - coffee bean in Sunway Pyramid. :)

All i gotta do right now is to WAIT

A call and i'm put into an interview, wish me luck.

*fingers crossed*

p.s: will blog about something more interesting soon, promise :)
I Don
Friday, August 6, 2010

I wanna immerse myself into consciousness. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something which is of the opposition of what I think, which makes me feels useless sometimes. I need to learn not to be so emotional, I'm a grown up okayyy?! What on earth am I doing? @.@

Stop being so sensitive Elynn! Live your heart out! :D

Thank goodness I hv people who always make me laugh.. xD

Veronica and Haoyu.

Thanks la! Love you guys to the max~

What kinda of weird fate brought us together... I'm still wondering.. haha sometimes it just feels so funny.

Well, anyway, I appreciate you guys a lot >.< :DD

Lalala.. Be positive be positive be positive. Okayy~ I'm great right now.. ^.^

I had lotsa fun this week.

Especially during the malam beradab held for fizikal and account students, it certainly added lotsa entertainment to the same old dull weekly routine. Get to know lots of ppl better. At least we've talked.. haha since orientation week, this was the first time we talked leh.. geng leh~ xD

Then I performed my dance again during the first day of the malam beradab again. It went smoothly except for the potong-steam response from the audience >.<

*flicks hair*

I'm still very professional la.. acted high all way through during the dance. HAHA.

Other than this malam beradab thingy, everything seemed the same. Felt sleepy every single day.

The sleepy alarm always sirens every morning after the perhimpunan (when class is eventually gonna start).. LOL! I'm still not use to the boring lecturers here, I miss KC's teacher, they teach beyond what we're learning for examinations.

And of cuz a lot more deeper.

Here, knowledge isn't even knowledge. I don't even know where and how those things are derived from. Tried to ask the lecturers but they said "bcuz like that like that lor", c'mon, even the best teacher thinks that we cannot accept too detailed info, afraid that we might get confused. Halo? We're 18 right now, isn't it a normal thing of ur to start to accepting more things, as our brains are developed to a more mature state?!

I dunno.. that's why, to me, I feel like i'm studying blindly.

I can't feel the satisfaction...

I miss my teachers a.k.a our walking encyclopedia.

>.<>Me falling asleep in the first row (with a new teacher somemore)...

Andrew, Sotong, Fatin waking me up..

Refused to wake up.

After 10 mins, I'm awake.

Then i told andrew they all: "我很累啦,很想睡。。"


Me: "我睡你们又叫我醒?!"


Maybe I didn't drink my chicken essence gua..

Ngek ngek...

Other than that nothing liao gua... I survived on merely breads/cereals/honey/soy milk/ apples.

I swear to myself I'll never touch the kafe's nasi goreng alr! It made me bloated.. nonono.. and pimples are all over my face >.<

One year here doesn't mean I have to ruin my figure right?!

Of course I need more varieties, I can't be eating the same old thingy over and over!

Issh I need suggestions! :)

No.. not biscuits.. biscuits are unhealthy



On the other hand, PSPM is on the way right now... 1 more month, than this big big examination is gonna fill my brain thoroughly..

Honestly, I don't have that kinda Oummphh to study! But I'm just trying to be consistent, finish up tutorials, revise during quizes, don't fall asleep during lessons will be sufficient I guess.

Well, I'm trying to be optimistic here.



Other than that, there's two performance coming my way. 1st, its for my ko-k competition, 2nd, moral project (marks will be given based on performance)

For my co-curicullum, I'm a penyajak for wakil cina. We're doing some kind of pra-merdeka thigny, where leaders of different races fight for independance and priorities in this country...

Well the story goes on..

For my moral, uh umm! I'm gonna be Prince Charming! xDD

Two girls.. uhmm no three, will be fighting for me! To gain my attention.. and eventually I'll fall in love to just one. LOL! modern cinderella story...


Okok. That's all for today..

Night guys. ;)
Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes I just feel like crying.

I don't like acting strong.

Maybe I'm just not THAT good at adapting a new environment, I feel lost and empty inside. Like seriously, I really miss those familiar faces. I'm just too used of seeing the people I loved almost everyday while in school.

And now..


I'm still stuck at the second stage of culture shock.

Like really.

But then, it feels very contradict. I love the people around here, yet, it doesn't cheer me up, its like a knot in my heart that I can't seem to untie it.

This is when, I learned to know myself more.

I learned alot about my true personality.

Eg. how would I react facing different situation of life/ people etc.

But you know.. I'm a fighter!

I know I'll get true them, like I always did. I just need more time compare to others.

Because, I'm me and this is the way I am. :)


Mr Kelvin Liew said today, a Buddhist is a person who follows the teaching of Buddhism, and declare Lord Buddha as their own personal teacher.

And not because you pray to the statue of Lord Buddha/ your parents are Buddhist so you are as well.

It's a wrong concept.

And I wish someday,

I'll learn deeper from the teaching of Buddha.

And it'll leads a little of nirwana. :)


off to dinner. I gotta eat b4 its too late my dear.


Baby Elynn here.

The one who likes to "teh" people alot... xD